There have been two major investments at the Port Kembla Steelworks involving significant environmental improvements in the past 12 months:

No 5 Blast Furnace Reline
Part of the reline project was the installation of a third granulator and a cooling tower in the slag handling system by our alliance partner, Australian Steel Mill Services. The new granulator on the third cast house means that all slag from No 5 Blast Furnace can now be granulated. Granulated slag, a sand-like material, is used in the construction industry as a cement substitute. The cooling tower will reduce the temperature of the granulating water and thereby, reduce hydrogen sulphide emissions.

The other major environmental improvement was the installation of a recirculated fresh water system for gas cleaning to replace the once through salt water system. The new system improves the quality and significantly reduces the amount of water discharge into the harbour. Water from the furnace cooling system is being recycled for use in the gas cleaning system, which reduces fresh water usage.

Ore Preparation Upgrade Project
The room dedusting and waste gas precipitators were refurbished, reducing particulate matter emissions. Upgrading the sinter cooler also reduced fugitive dust emissions. The wider and deeper sinter bed will require less fuel and improve the overall process efficiency resulting in less greenhouse gases, NOx and SOx per tonne of sinter.

Port Kembla Sinter machine emissions reduction project to reduce gas and dust emissions resulting in cleaner air. $94 million
Coke Side Pushing Emissions at Port Kembla to collect soot and dust emissions (during coke pushing on 4, 5 and 6 Batteries). $91 million
Gypsum plant reduction and conversion of SO2 emissions for use in the cement industry. $9 million
Water recycling program at Port Kembla plant, in partnership with Sydney Water, saving up to 20 megalitres of drinking water per day. Approx $350,000
Cokemaking project to reduce organic emissions. $2 million
Wind blown dust control in recycling area revegetation. $3 million
Port Kembla 33kV electrical distribution system protection project. $14 million
Western Port Optimisation of Paint Line No2 (CPL2) ovens to reduce natural gas consumption and greenhouse emissions. $150,000
Water recycling program to reduce fresh water consumption by 65%, co-funded by BlueScope Steel, the Victorian government and South East Water. $24.5 million shared cost
New Zealand Steel Waikato North Head ironsands attritioner to reduce clay slimes disposed to landfill. $3.3 million
Dust minimisation projects, including sealing of roads and storage areas, resulting in reduced dust and improved water discharge quality. $5 million
New baghouse in Hollow Sections Galvanising Pipe Plant to reduce emissions. $1.5 million
North Star BlueScope Steel New baghouse installed, improving air quality within the plant. US$43.5 million
Energy efficiency project to improve furnace efficiency and minimise power usage. US$9 million

* Projects committed, underway or completed.


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