Environmental Training is Essential

BlueScope Steel’s Environmental Principles make clear the importance of environmental training. As our Principles state: Training all employees to raise their environmental awareness is essential.

In line with the Environmental Principles, a project team has been launched to develop an integrated, corporate environmental awareness program, appropriate for the Company’s geographically and culturally diverse workforce.

The project team builds on existing regional initiatives to develop a portfolio of training materials, which are focused on engaging BlueScope employees in the Company’s environment and sustainability journey. This journey comprises six key topics:

  1. Planet Earth: The Global Challenge
  2. BlueScope Steel Policies, Principles and Expectations
  3. Our key environmental and sustainability challenges
  4. The current environment and sustainability journey
  5. Preparing for the future
  6. A call to action

The training material will be provided in a self-paced eLearning format and will be deployed throughout 2010.


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