HSEC Policy and Governance

At BlueScope Steel, we know that our success as a company depends on how effectively and responsibly we work with our employees and the communities in which we operate to meet our health, safety, environment and community commitments.

The Health, Safety and Environment Committee (HSEC) of the Board of Directors undertakes the corporate governance role in relation to these responsibilities.

The role of the HSEC is to assist the Board to fulfil its overall responsibilities in relation to health, safety, environmental and community matters arising out of the activities of BlueScope Steel and as they affect employees, contractors and the communities in which it operates.

The primary responsibilities of the HSEC, as set out in its Charter, are:

  • Adopting a HSEC Policy;
  • Monitoring the Company's compliance with the approved HSEC Policy;
  • Assessing the HSEC standards of the Company;
  • Assessing the operations of the Company and making recommendations for assessing, avoiding, eliminating, controlling and minimising HSEC risks;
  • Assessing compliance by the Company with HSEC legislation;
  • Researching and recommending the adoption of acceptable HSEC practices in the industries in which the Company operates;
  • Monitoring compliance throughout the Company with HSEC recommendations made by it;
  • Receiving reports concerning HSEC incidents within the Company; and
  • Considering HSEC issues that may have strategic, business and reputation implications for the Company.

The Chairman of the HSEC Committee is Mr Ron McNeilly, an independent Non-Executive Director. All Directors are members of the HSEC because of the importance of health, safety and the environment to BlueScope Steel's operations. The HSEC Charter requires that the Committee meet at least three scheduled times per year. There are opportunities for discussions to be held without management present.

BlueScope Steel has a Health, Safety, Environment and Community (HSEC) Policy, which outlines the Company’s goals and our actions to achieve these goals.

The HSEC Policy commits BlueScope Steel to continual improvement in our performance.  We aspire to zero harm to our people.  We are committed to the efficient use of resources, reducing and preventing pollution, and product stewardship.  We strive to be valued corporate citizens in our communities and respect the values and cultural heritage of local people.

To meet these commitments, we have put in place management systems and standards.  We identify, assess and manage our HSEC risks.  We set performance targets, regularly monitor and publicly report on our progress, and comply with all relevant industry standards and legal requirements.  And we aim to engage with stakeholders to build relationships based on honesty, openness and mutual trust.

BlueScope Steel’s HSEC Policy can be viewed at:

Our Health, Safety and Environment Management Standards, which include specific performance requirements and auditable criteria, apply to all our sites and operations and to major activities by contractors under our management.

We conduct a series of audits each year across a wide range of the Company's operations and activities to ensure the Health, Safety and Environment Management Standards are being applied adequately and effectively, and to verify performance.  These include both internal and external audits.

We are committed to acting with integrity, honesty and fairness when dealing with our stakeholders. Processes are in place to facilitate communication with our stakeholders to determine their HSEC concerns, information needs and aspirations for community development.

Any concerns and complaints related to HSEC matters are recorded as incidents and investigated.

Information about our environmental management systems can be found by clicking here.
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